About Us

In this journey we set as connoisseurs of Turkey, we offer the finest services best suited to our customers’ profiles together with our solution partners. Our goal is to provide a better future for the people. We strive to add sustainable value to every life we touch both in Europe and Turkey alike. Each of them experts in their fields, our team is composed of people who have received their higher education from major universities in Turkey and Europe and who have gained commendable work experience in the field. Consequently, our staff has the capacity to respond to the demands of our customers in the best way possible.

As we work with the largest firms of Turkey and Europe, we set the bar always at the highest level for us; and while competing with them, we compete with ourselves at the same time.

When helping people to invest for happy tomorrows, we sincerely strive to leave good marks in both their minds and hearts.

Filed of activities of MY Dutch Holding companies:                          

We assist you in buying and selling new and second-hand properties in Turkey, and mediating their rentals.

We collaborate with Turkey’s most powerful and well-established firms. The projects we mediate are finished and turnkey projects. Therefore, our customers can grab their keys and move into their new apartments right away, immediately after the payment procedures. We also help our clients to get home loans upon their request.

On the other hand, in the second-hand real estate market, you will find a real estate company signed a partnership agreement with My Dutch Holding in all the 81 provinces of Turkey within reach. Therefore, without necessarily requiring to go to Turkey personally, it is possible for us to expedite selling or renting your property from whichever city you are located in Europe.

We always offer the best support to our clients in solving the problems that might arise during the purchase, sale or renting of their properties.

As we have signed agreements with the largest private hospitals located in every corner of Turkey, we assist our clients who visit Turkey in terms of visitors’ healthcare coverage as well as medical tourism.

Visitors’ Healthcare Coverage: In case when you get sick or have an accident during your visit to Turkey if you call us, we can obtain the most attractive price for your treatment and orient you to the nearest hospital.

Medical Tourism: For some services that are not covered by the European insurances (dental works, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, in vitro fertilization, stomach stapling, etc.) we help you to get the treatment you request with the best possible prices in Turkey’s largest private hospitals. In addition to these, you can benefit from services such as airline tickets, accommodation at five-star hotels and personal guidance at affordable prices.

We always offer the best support to our clients in solving the problems that might arise during rendering these services.

Villa rental service, in recent years, has emerged as an alternative to the hotel management approach in tourism regions of Turkey. We offer services with villa options such as those which have private pools not visible from outside, which are suitable for two people or which are preferred for its location especially for honeymooners, as well as those which are close to the sea or with children’s pool.

We handle fair organizations in two ways. The fairs we organize as MY Fairs are held in countries such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, we invite the companies we work with by purchasing exhibition spaces in major fairs in Europe.

The advantages of working with MY Dutch Holding companies:

  • You will work with a team of experts who know Turkey and Europe well whom will assist you,
  • You will always find offices that are very close to the areas where you live, providing advice for you during the service or after the service you request.
  • When you visit Turkey with our guidance, you will receive and benefit from advantageous prices for the services you demand. You will be able to pay these services in installments or you will be able to take a loan out for these services.
  • When you communicate your complaints about the service you received to us directly, you will be ensured that it is acknowledged by the top manager of that company.
  • For us, winning our customers’ trust and hearts is more important than making money. Therefore, you will always find sincere and candid employees to help you.

Related to the investments you have made or will make in Turkey, if you want to speak with a resident expert company on Turkey located in Europe, the only thing you need to do is call us.